Zana’s Incredible Birth Story

Croissant’s birth story – written to you by your mummy xxx

Dear Croissant

Until you were born we didn’t know if you were a boy or girl so didn’t know you were Zana yet.

We called you Croissant all the time you were in my tummy. The idea came from Auntie Kim. There’s a saying ‘bun in the oven’ and she said ‘or Croissant in the microwave’.

While you were growing in my tummy, we met a lady called Rachel who taught us a lot about how you would let my body know when you were ready to be born and how we could help you in your journey out into the world.

Me and daddy thought you would arrive when you did. In fact, I had some tightening’s at the match (Saints vs Wigan ’96 don’t worry, we beat the Pies!) the Friday before you arrived and had to walk slowly when they happened.

I went to yoga the night before you arrived and also had some tightening’s then. I knew you’d be here soon.

I got back from yoga at something past 9pm and contractions/surges started at 11pm. So I didn’t get any sleep!

Daddy was sleeping in the spare room at the time because I struggled to sleep when you were so big in my tummy. I didn’t tell daddy they had started straight away because I knew he would need to get some sleep to help me.

After having lots of contractions during the night, I told daddy about 6am. He managed to have some breakfast. I couldn’t eat (even though I love eating and I knew I needed energy) because there wasn’t time between contractions and I was concentrating on them.

My waters broke so daddy phoned the hospital. They said to come in when the contractions were more frequent.

They became more frequent quite rapidly. We tried to get ready to go to the hospital but I was struggling to get around the house. When daddy was trying to help me out of the house to get in the car, I said I couldn’t because you’d started pressing down very hard and I felt my body was going to push you out. I didn’t think we would get to the hospital with you still as a bump.

Daddy rang the hospital again and said I didn’t think I’d be able to get in the car and they said they thought it’d be ok. I really, really couldn’t get in the car, so daddy phoned an ambulance. The lady on 999 was getting daddy prepared to deliver you if you came before the paramedics. The paramedic in the car got here very quickly and then the ambulance shortly after that.

Uncomfortably for me, I had to sit in a wheel chair to get into the ambulance and had to sit on the bed in the ambulance (for safety purposes as ambulances drive fast and go over speed bumps and round corners fast). While being sat down, the contractions didn’t really speed up. The paramedics kept offering me gas and air but I just wanted to breath normal air. They asked daddy if I was always this tough and he said yes I was that tough.

They got me to the hospital in 13 minutes (much quicker than daddy driving and having to park and us having to attempt to walk across).

Once I was being trollied through to a room, I went back onto all fours. That’s where my body told me it needed to be.

A midwife wanted to check how dilated I was and needed me to sit back on a bed. I really didn’t feel like being in that position but managed it briefly and she said I was 8cm dilated. I think I’d have been more if I hadn’t had to sit down to get to hospital. As soon as she’d checked, I went back on all fours and more of my waters came out. I was told I could have gas and air but I still didn’t want it.

Me and daddy wanted you to be born in a pool and were very, very lucky that one was available. Our birthing midwife started filling the pool. She said there was gas and air if I wanted it but she wouldn’t keep offering it, I could ask for it if I wanted it. I was glad she didn’t pester me about it. It seemed to take a long time for the pool to fill up and I thought you might arrive before it was ready.

When it was ready, I didn’t know if I’d be able to step into it. I took it really slowly and managed to get in. I’m glad I managed to. I stayed in a similar position, facing out from the pool with my arms on the side.

I knew you were nearly here. I put my hand between my legs and felt your head and noticed a lot of hair.

When the midwife checked, your head was there. It took another couple of contractions for your shoulders to come out.

Daddy saw you being born and all your hair. When the midwife held you through the water to us, we looked and thought you were a girl. We only really believed it once it was said out loud.

That’s when we knew you were Zana.

All the way through, daddy was very good at giving me water to drink. He also gave me encouragement.

Afterwards, I asked daddy what I’d been like and he said I’d been very focused and determined.

Welcome to the world beautiful Baby Zana

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