Witney’s Birth Experience – “Hynobirthing” an Induced Labour after a Previous Caesarean Birth

“So here we go..

itโ€™s safe to say I was really worried about this birth due to having an emergency section last time due to failure to progress and loss of heart beat. I really wanted to avoid a C section this time round, but knowing this I knew I need my mindset had to change. Having doing some research I came across Lionheart Hypnobirthing. I was a little unsure if it would work for me however it turned out to be the best money I had ever spent!!

I was induced due to baby not putting on any weight in 2weeks. I was induced with the balloon which open my cervix up to 2cm so they could break my waters.

This process was done without my husband by my side which was heart breaking however with my new mental out look gained from Hypnobirthing, I could look at this situation positively and tell myself I can do this!! After being told on several occasions I may end up in theatre for a section and to prepare for theatre, This gave me the determination to carry on and have a natural birth!!

10 hours later, with a calm and positive thoughts pushing me on, our beautiful little girl, Honey arrived! Weighing a perfect 7lb 13oz. I canโ€™t recommend LionHeart enough, even now after birth I use the same techniques to help me get through! Thankyou so much!”

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