So many parents worry about introducing solid foods to their baby – from conflicting advice about when to start and how to do it, plus the additional worry about gagging and choking.

This virtual session will get you excited and confident for weaning your baby! The food you give your baby from the start shapes their food preferences for life…so this is important!

We will discuss:

The “ideal” time for introducing solid foods, the reasons for this and being assertive with family and friends who might want you to do things the way they did.

The different methods of introducing solid foods and finding what appeals to you and what works for your baby.

Ideal first foods and building upon this.

Balancing milk feeds with food.

The normal gagging process, and the difference with choking.

Weaning sessions are 1.5 – 2 hours in length and cost just Β£10. They are relaxed and informal and you can ask questions as we go along. 

You will complete the session feeling confident and excited for weaning your baby!

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