“We used everything you taught us. I would give birth again tomorrow”

I met up with my client Jen and her gorgeous 5 week old daughter Nova…a star really was born to this gorgeous family.

I taught the family – Jen, partner Ken and sister Amy – hypnobirthing a few months back and it was incredible to see how they used hypnobirthing to have a positive labour and birth experience.

Here are some of the main bits:

“We made a nest at home with blankets and cushions and snuggled in together”.

“We filled the pool and it was amazing being submerged in the water”.

“We were honestly laughing and joking at home in between the surges [contractions]. It was so calm and relaxed”.

“I’d been practising EVERYTHING you taught us…so it all came naturally and easily when I used it in labour”.

“The surges were totally manageable using everything you taught us”.

Jen’s labour was long. This woman was so determined, brave and calm.

Through discussions with her midwife, Jen was transferred to hospital at fully dilated. Jen said it very much felt like “her decision”.

Baby needed a little bit of help to be born. The doctor used some forceps briefly to give baby a quarter turn, and Nova was born within 2 pushes.

Jen’s strength, determination and courage is ASTOUNDING. A true Lionheart.

Whilst Hypnobirthing seriously reduces the need for assisted birth…as I say to all my clients: assisted/surgical births are not the enemy…thank goodness we have them.

And Jen, STILL using hypnobirthing (it never goes out the window…it comes into full force), was able to stay focused and made an assisted birth sooooo much quicker and simpler than it would have otherwise been.

Jen secured herself a really positive and empowering labour and birth experience and says “I really enjoyed my birth experience. I would do it again tomorrow”.

Love Rachel xxx

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