“We had the most amazing birth experience”

Hayley and Chris’ amazing birth experience:

“Despite my final trimester of pregnancy being consumed by a global pandemic, I had the most amazing birth experience. I am usually a worrier and hearing so many labour horror stories has always lead me to dread giving birth but with the nation in lockdown it gave me the time to focus on preparing for birth of our little girl.

I booked onto Rachelโ€™s online hyponobirthing course which really helped me and my husband to prepare and understand what happens at each at stage of labour giving me the confidence to not fear giving birth. I felt reassured in how natural and safe giving birth is and that my body was prepared for this.

I stayed at home with my husband as long as possible using the hypnobirthing techniques I had learnt to stay as calm and relaxed and within an hour of arriving at the hospital our girl was in our arms!

It was the most amazing experience of my life and I never thought I would say it but I really enjoyed it. I felt like superwoman afterwards! Mental preparation definitely was the key to my amazing experience”.

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