“We had a wonderfully positive experience – and I put this down to hypnobirthing, Jake’s amazing support and answered prayers!”

Sarah’s birth experience:

“*Fri 24 July ~ I went into hospital for monitoring due to potential reduced movements. There were no concerns with baby. However, I was told that if there were any further concerns with baby’s movements, I would have to be induced. This was upsetting for me. As a Christian I believe God answers our prayers and so I asked friends and family to pray. And the following morning…

*Sat 25 July ~ I woke up at 6am with mild period pain that came and went throughout the day. I went for a walk late morning, had lunch and laughed through an episode of Gogglebox, which helped to keep me relaxed. I felt excited at the prospect of labour and meeting my baby. I pottered at home in the afternoon doing jobs and getting the house nice. Between 6 and 8pm my surges were getting stronger and closer together. I had to focus on them to get through them. We made the room dark and relaxing and I bounced on my ball for a bit. About 8pm I went in the bath and then put on the TENS machine which really helped. We phoned the hospital as the surges were 4 minutes apart. They were happy for me to stay at home as I was coping well. By 11pm the surges were 1 to 1 and half minutes apart and I knew I needed to go into hospital. 11.15-11.30- Jake had to wait outside whilst I was triaged and that wasn’t easy for me. There were lots of people in the triage area which made it difficult to keep my environment calm. I asked for the lights to be turned off and I closed my eyes in order to just focus on my surges and try to block everything else out. A few staff said that they thought I was just asleep as I was so calm. I felt like I had no choice but to be examined at this point as they wouldn’t have let me go straight to the labour suite without an examination. I was 5cm dilated.

*Sun 26 July ~ About 12.15am I was on the labour ward. Jake made the room dark, put on music and I continued with the TENS machine. (Jake was incredible throughout). I stayed standing up and breathed through every surge. The midwife checked on me every 15 minutes and was very respectful of my hypnobirthing wishes. I used the TENS machine for about an hour at this point and then had a period of gas and air but I’m not sure of the timings. At some point I felt like I needed to push. The midwife encouraged me to push. I asked for an examination to check I was 10cm dilated (as nothing seemed to be happening) which I was. Shortly after, my waters broke and there was meconium in it, so I had to be put on continuous monitoring (baby’s heart rate did start to dip at some point). I was very tired at this point and struggled to stand up, so Jake and the midwife encouraged me to try different positions (I gave birth on my side). At 4.33am my beautiful baby girl was born. We had skin to skin for an hour which was lovely. Baby didn’t latch well initially so Jake gave her my colostrum from a syringe for her first feed (I took some syringes of frozen colostrum into hospital).

Baby and I had to stay in hospital for 12 hours (from birth) due to meconium in the waters before we were allowed home about 6:30pm (again Jake had to go home when we were transferred to the maternity ward). Even though the birth didn’t go completely to plan, it was still a wonderfully positive experience: a relatively quick birth (just over 4 hours active labour) only using a TENS machine and gas and air and baby and I were both fine. I put this down to hypnobirthing, Jake’s incredible support and answered prayers! All these allowed me to stay calm throughout and feel in control. Thank you Rachel for your help and support, you are wonderful and I would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone! Rachel, you are brilliant. So kind, compassionate, gentle and caring. Especially in such an uncertain time, your reassurance was amazing!”

Thank you for sharing your amazing experience Sarah!

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