“We brought our baby girl calmly into the world”

Here’s Alison and Craig’s story. They did hypnobirthing with me for their first baby Ethan, and then a refresher course this time round.

“The birth of my second child Orla, could not have been any more incredible, because of Rachel’s support we felt so prepared, refreshed and in control….

My labour started in the early hours of the morning on Mother’s Day – a good sign if ever there was one! After initially going back to sleep, I got in the bath at 7am, I spent time using my Lionheart Hypnobirthing breathing to keep calm and relaxed, dozing in and out of sleep and enjoying each surge….

When we arrived at the hospital, I chose to be examined and was told I was ‘only 2cm’ and that I should go home and come back later. In my first labour, I had quickly gone from 2cm to fully dilated within 2 hours and I felt uneasy about going home so decided it was best to assert myself. Our Hypnobirthing course gave me the confidence to speak up about my concerns of going back home. I explained about the previous labour and we were quickly given the option to stay and labour on the ward….

Our midwife, India, was amazing. She introduced herself and acknowledged that she’d read our notes and that we were Hypnobirthing. She asked if we needed support and left us to relax in our own bubble. I spent the next two hours in the bath on the ward, riding the wave of each surge and holding onto Craig for support….

As the pressure continued to build I asked Craig to call the midwife and explained that I was beginning to feel like I needed to push….

I was examined again once I eventually managed to walk the short distance to the private room and was told she thought I was 7cm. I remember thinking how urgently she’d ran off to make arrangements to take me to delivery suite….

I couldn’t believe how calm I felt, I had labored so far in a bath and not considered pain relief as I was able to manage the surges by taking one at a time and using the techniques Rachel taught us…

The midwife appeared with a wheelchair that I tried to sit in a few times, before they gave up and allowed me to be wheeled on all fours on the bed round to delivery suite! Not the most dignified of sights but I didn’t care, I could feel my baby’s head, way down in my pelvis and we would meet her soon. I think I had my eyes closed the entire time. In my own safe space, I felt like if I opened my eyes the harshness of the hospital may have punctured our bubble….

Minutes that felt like hours passed by as I tried to maneuver myself onto the bed to have the baby’s heart rate monitored. I briefly opened my eyes to see a new midwife who was introducing herself to me putting on a blue apron, I remember being confused thinking that the apron was just for the end when the baby was to be born? My waters hadn’t broken yet? I still had 3cm to go! The pressure at this point was unbearable. This was a really tough part for me. Especially as I was no longer in the water. Craig asked for the pool to be filled up, but at the moment I found I had no choice but to push. It all felt like such a blur, no sooner had I started to push, three surges later and my beautiful baby girl was in my arms!…The rush of love that I’ve been blessed to experience not just once but now twice is the most amazing feeling in the world!…

And because of the skills Rachel taught us and the confidence that Lionheart Hypnobirthing gave us, knowing what to expect. We were able to bring our baby girl calmly into the world”.

That little smile says it all!

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