“The midwives were in awe of how calm I was during our ventouse birth”

“Hi Rachel! Meet our baby girl Romily– the newest Lionheart Baby! We had a pretty straightforward birth all in all despite not everything going to plan. Rachel – what you taught us was invaluable not just for me, but even more so for my birth partner who was able to advocate and speak up for me.

We had planned to have very little intervention and to use the birthing pool. However, baby’s heart rate dropped on one occasion and we were moved from the midwifery led unit to the labour ward for continuous monitoring meaning no pool birth ☹. I had the confidence to speak to the midwives about still being mobile and still having a positive birth on my terms.

My labour was 20 hours in total (from 3cm to birth) – although I had been in slow labour for 2 days before when I was having some surges just at night. My birth partner really got involved with supporting me amazingly through each surge. I used only the TENS machine and just had some gas and air at the end (when I needed it!)

I pushed for 2 full hours, but she still wasn’t for coming. I had a cut performed by the doctor and some suction applied to baby’s head.  If someone would have told me this would have been my birth experience I would have been upset. But because of the knowledge and techniques I had learnt on my hypnobirthing course with you I felt fully in control and able to discuss and weigh up my options.

The midwives were in awe of how calm I was and I’m certain it was down to your teaching! I was so impressed with how my birth partner took everything on board that he’d learnt and used your teachings to keep me focussed and calm during each surge, and to prevent me from getting stressed and agreeing to things he knew I didn’t want. He made sure I was listened to 🙂 ”.

Jennifer x

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