“The birth of our daughter was the most beautiful experience of our lives”

Here’s Amy and Lee’s incredible birth story:

“I was terrified of having a baby and feared the worst; especially in the middle of a global pandemic. One of my friends tagged me in a Facebook video of Rachel – it was a snippet of hypnobirthing. Rachel made so much sense and listening to her instantly put me at ease. I contacted her straight away and signed up for her first online hypnobirthing class in April.

Rachel is an expert in her field! Lee and I learnt so much from each of her classes and felt so prepared for the birth. With her support, we made a birth plan and felt so prepared for what was ahead. I felt calm and confident, despite the fact I may be alone in hospital during some of labour.

As my due date drew nearer, my baby was found to be breech. Rachel was on the end of the phone for all queries I had about giving birth to a breech baby, ECVs and caesarean births. These were the three options I was given by the doctors and midwives. Rachel directed me to relevant and up to date research and gave me the advice I needed.

The main thing Rachel taught me through hypnobirthing is that I have a CHOICE. She empowered me to choose HOW I was going to give birth to my baby. I declined the ECV and got my caesarean date! I rewrote my birth plan with Rachelโ€™s guidance. Although I wasnโ€™t going to go through labour, I knew I still had control and could still make choices in my caesarean birth.

Due to covid, I was alone for the first part of being in theatre. The anaesthetist asked me if I suffered from panic attacks as my heart rate was through the roof!! I remembered all my breathing techniques that Rachel had taught me and I felt much calmer. Lee was allowed into theatre just before the surgeon started to get to work! The operation itself was absolutely fine and the birth of our daughter, despite not being โ€œnaturalโ€ like we had initially planned, was the most beautiful experience of our lives. Rachel got us through what could have been a very stressful and difficult time. It was in fact the opposite. We made all choices ourselves and knew exactly what to expect – in both a natural birth and a section.

Thank you Rachel x”

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