Sarah and Paul’s Birth Story – “We used everything from our Lionheart Hypnobirthing Course”

An amazing birth story from Sarah and Paul and a perfect example of how our bodies don’t follow the textbooks or the hospital timescales of how quickly we should dilate! Enjoy,

“My waters released first so I knew labour wasn’t too far away. We were watching 21 Jump Street to keep things light hearted and I was on my birthing ball. The surges were really random to start with ’96 about every hour. So we went to bed and I got some sleep. Things ramped up and I was having strong regular surges just a couple of hours later. I rang Paul from the bath to wake up and come to me! I need him to distract me and keep me calm,

“The surges were strong, so we headed to the hospital at about 3.30am. When we arrived, I was examined and told I was “only” 2cm and that it was going to be a while yet until I met my baby,

“That word “only” was so disappointing. I couldn’t believe it and it caused me to doubt myself so much at first. I started thinking “I can’t do this!” and the fear started to creep in a bit. But then I gave myself a firm reminder of what you taught us about how the body opens in labour and I got myself focused and determined again,

“I knew to trust the sensations in MY body. I knew because of how my surges felt that I wouldn’t be long, even though I was “only” 2cm at that time’85

“With an hour or so, I had some urges to push. I didn’t say anything to anyone at first. But then the sensation got stronger and stronger until I couldn’t do anything except push,

“I was whizzed to labour ward – I just kept myself in the zone and didn’t think about what was going on around me. My gorgeous baby girl was born soon after. It just goes to show doesn’t it?….

“We used everything you taught us ’96 from asserting ourselves to make sure we were listened to, to coping with each and every surge, releasing fear and tension so I worked with my body not against it, and understanding how labour and my body works”.


Hugest congratulations to Sarah, Paul and big sister Ezri.

Welcome to the World Everyn Lily Newcombe Jones. Born on 8th September weighing 8lb 4oz.

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