Pixie and Jerome’s Magical Birth Experience

I am so so delighted to share with you Pixie and Jerome’s incredibly positive birth experience!

Particularly because Pixie had had x2 previous traumatic and complicated births with her older babies.

I do not take it for granted when any couple entrusts me with their antenatal, labour and birth education ’96 and I felt so privileged to support this couple who were feeling anxious and afraid of labour and birth, and of maternity services too.

Pixie had planned a home water birth, but unfortunately due to a complicated set of circumstances, her labour needed to be induced within the hospital setting. Hypnobirthing becomes EVEN MORE important when labour is more complex.

Here’s some things the couple said about their labour and birth experiences, and how they used every ounce of what they learnt with me to have a “magical” (Jerome’s words!) birth experience:

“We felt so in control, and so ready and prepared”.

“I had some hormone gel to start labour off. The surges [contractions] started off quite mild, but soon became powerful and strong. I rode each surge using the techniques that Rachel taught us”.

“I was examined and told I was ‘only’ 5cm but I knew it wouldn’t be long until we met our baby. The surges felt different’85deep in my body, all consuming, urgent. And I knew to trust the feelings within my body and how the sensations felt to me, not what someone else thought”.

“Soon after being told I was ‘only’ 5cm, my body took over. Baby just started coming. My body took over and I let it. I felt safe and calm”.

Pixie and Jerome had a calm, drug free and “perfect” (Pixie’s words!) birth experience. Yessssss!

“I know our experience would have been very different and nowhere near as positive had I not sought out Rachel’s support and Hypnobirthing techniques”.

Thank you so much Pixie and Jerome ’96 you soaked up and used EVERYTHING I taught you. You made careful and individual decisions and had the calm birth you dreamed of as a result. Thank you for asking me to be part of your adventure.

Welcome to the world Hunter Blue Pargetor

Here’s what Jerome wrote on Facebook: "Rachel Akehurst went above and beyond for our family. I’ll admit, at first I was going with the flow for my wife, as the course was her idea, but my wife’s labour and birth was the most magical experience. Furthermore, the things that my wife was taught has led onto her using these techniques in everyday life.I strongly recommend this course to all those who want to create the memorable, stress free, and beautiful birth".

And what Pixie wrote: "Lionheart Hypnobirthing is absolutely fantastic! Would recommend to everyone and anyone, regardless of what their birth preferences are – Rachel is such a lovely, open person and really helps you feel empowered and confident in your mind and body. I’m already raving to my pregnant friends about her
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Thank you guys. So happy to have been part of your adventure.

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