Beyond the Birth

The time after the birth of a baby can be quite a shock. And can be a real muddle of emotions for new parents – joy, elation, tiredness, worry, confusion, agitation (sometimes all in one day!) Whether you’re having your first baby or your fourth, a new baby in the home brings both magic and immense upheaval.

Most people are so focused on “buying all the things” they think they will need for a new baby, that they don’t stop and think about the emotional elements of becoming a parent or caring for a child for the rest of their lives. Sadly, “buying things” has become synonymous with “being ready”. 

Let me tell you (and sorry to burst anyone’s bubble), but the type of cot/ mat/ bouncer/ toys etc that you buy for your baby will not make a single difference to their well-being or yours. It’s just “stuff” and your baby does not care about their nursery decor one bit either! But they do care that mum and dad are calm, responsive and rested. That they are supported and feel good. 

Let me tell you, becoming a parent is the biggest life transition that you will go through. And preparing for the emotional aspects is key to having a more restful, happy  loving and supported postnatal period. 

When you take our Beyond the Birth course, we will walk you through:

 – Newborn behaviours AKA “baby watching”; noticing and understanding baby’s subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) cues.


(People often say that they wish their baby came with an instruction manual. Whilst every baby is different, babies do communicate their needs in a range of ways to their parents. We know that parents who are in tune with their baby’s signals and cues have greater confidence in their ability to nurture their baby and, in turn, baby benefits from having their needs met sooner and so forms more positive and stable relationships with their parents. These babies are generally much calmer and settled, and then develop into calm and confident children, then adults. It all starts very early on!)




– Postnatal physical recovery – what you can expect in the days, weeks and months after giving birth and how you can support your healing.


– Emotional adjustment and looking after yourself in the haze of the newborn period. PLANNING AND PREPARATION IS KEY here; including mapping out your support network, setting boundaries with visitors amd family, and having conversations about roles and responsibilities before baby arrives.


– Finding your own parenting style. 


– Learning techniques to stay calm when baby is crying and you feel overwhelmed.

This is not a prescription course – there will be no “shoulds” or “musts”. There will also be no talk of “you’ll make a rod for your own back” or “let them cry it out” as this is not our style. Instead,  I will share my wealth of knowledge and experiences as a former midwife, parenting practitioner and health visitor, and you can apply this to your own family however you feel best.

This course will gently guide you through those oh-so precious moments and months with the same calm and confidence that you took with you into birth.

This self-paced (pre-recorded) workshop is here to get you super excited and confident about your new baby and your new role. There are 3 videos to watch in total (ranging from 30 mins to 1 hour) – watch at your own pace, as many times as you need. Your accompanying written notes can be  looked over to support and cement your learning, and to give you a quick reminder and confidence boost whenever needed.  

The Beyond the Birth course is 2 hours in length and costs just £40 for everything.

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