“Pain? What Pain? It was the most empowering moment of my life. I felt I was born to do this…”

My partner and I found out we were expecting in January 2019. Our first baby, a little girl. I couldn’t believe this was real or happening to me as I’d always been someones auntie or godmother but now I was going to be Mummy.

After doing some searching online and researching about different hypnobirthing teachers I came across Lionheart which for some reason stood out from the rest and explained things in a way I understand. Lionheart it was!! After contacting Rachel and setting up our 1.1 sessions at my home we were so relieved to have someone explain this whole birth thingy in a way were we were not scared but excited and full of understanding and knowledge about what to expect and that we had the right to make choices. Rachel made us look at our forthcoming labour in very different way to what we had done before. We were now excited for it all to begin…

After having some mild contractions most evenings for around 5 days, on Friday 11th I knew this was the real deal. With my partner being at work I called my mum and brother to come for a walk to the woods with the dogs as I was determined to stay on the move, after a slow hours walk around the woods my mum and I went and done a ‘big shop’ as I knew I wouldn’t get a chance for a while after this. Once I had bought everything in the shop I went home and cooked lunch for my Mum, Brother, Sister in law and best friend who just so happened to visit me with her newborn baby (the more the merrier).

Around 4.30pm I felt things were starting to move a little quicker so contacted my partner to come home from work. He did just that and was with me for 5 o’clock (just in time for The Chase). We let our visitors go apart from my mum (my rock) and I put my PJs on, plugged in my lavender diffuser and played some of my hypnobirthing statements. We listened to this in between watching episodes of Gavin and Stacey on Netflix. At 8.30pm after a phone call to the hospital to let them know what was going on (and a quick visit from my very emotional tipsy sister) we packed up the car and headed for the hospital…

We arrived at the hospital at 9.15pm where I was examined by a midwife who told me I was 4cm and that the baby had passed meconium into my waters (remember to breathe) I was totally in control. There goes my water birth but hey onto plan B!!

Within 10 minutes of arriving at triage I was wheeled round to the delivery suite where I was examined again and had progressed to 8cm. (who knew we could get so fixated on centimetres)

With my contractions getting stronger and a little puff on some gas and air I started to feel this was actually happening. With Colin and my Mum being absolutely amazing and so calm and reassuring I knew I had this in the bag.

At 12.50am after pushing for about 35 minutes I asked for a pethidine injection (the ONE drug on my birth plan I said I wasnt going to have) ( I blame the gas and air) But hey I’m allowed this was my labour right?? Pain? What Pain? It was the most empowering moment of my life. I felt I was born to do this… At 01.14am on Saturday 12th October Our beautiful girl graced us with her glowing presence. My world was complete. We had done it!! Reeva Rose Murphy, a whopping 8lb (I know how people love to know a birth weight).

Thankyou Rachel x x x

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