“Our Birth was The Most Empowering Experience of my Life!!”

I met up with new parents Emma and Ste to talk over their birth experiences.

Emma chose to be induced. She was approaching 42 weeks gestation and felt that this was the right decision for them. Emma had a “full” induction of labour (including hormone gel, artificial rupture of her membranes and a hormone drip) ’96 this is no easy feat and she should be enormously proud of her strength and determination.

Here’s what the couple had to say about their birth experiences using Lionheart Hypnobirthing techniques:

“The surges started off gradually ’96 about every 20 minutes at first – but became very strong and powerful once the hormone drip went up. I coped with each and every surge using the techniques we’d learnt”.

“We used the Labour Comfort Ladder [this is a visual tool that i give out to all my clients showing EVERYTHING that is available to them to keep them comfortable in labour. It’s on a ladder, with simpler things at the bottom to use first] and this enabled me to get the comfort I needed in labour”.

“It all went quite quick. I got to the pushing stage really quickly ’96 I couldn’t believe it!”

“I was fully in control throughout, but especially during the pushing stage. I said to myself ‘I can do this’, and with Ste by my side reassuring me, I DID IT”.

“I loved our labour and birth experience. It wasn’t my original plan being induced. But it was still incredibly positive. I was not afraid and I knew I could do it”.

“And I didn’t tear which is amazing. I’ve recovered really quickly from the birth”.

What a woman! And what a team! I am so so happy for you. Have a wonderful and happy life together, full of fun and laughter and dressing up (they’re a Cosplay Couple!)

Welcome to the World Oliver Edward Jones. Born on 31st August. Weighing 6lb 14oz.

Here’s what Emma wrote on Facebook: "I have to thank you Rachel so much for your knowledge and experience. My birth plan ended up go off track, had I not been armed with your information it could have easily spiralled into something “traumatic” but it became the most empowering birth that I could have imagined. Even in the delivery room the women thought I was incredible and couldn’t believe it, we were faced with a potential complication more than once, that had I panicked could have lead to an emergency situation but I trusted my body and baby enough to do this and he came out perfectly safely amazing the doctors and midwives. One of them thought he wasn’t even my first she was like “but you were so calm and in control and knew what you were doing” because I was informed. They couldn’t believe I delivered him the way I did and instead of panicking, I was focused and calm. Honestly, can’t thank you enough for your knowledge leading to a birth that was not what I expected, everything I feared and turned it in to the most amazing experience, me and Ste are forever grateful for making our birth to Oliver one of the greatest days of our lives!
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Love Rachel xxx

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