“Our baby was born 1 hour before the country stopped”

Steph and Steven’s birth story:

“For me Hypnobirthing helped me get through a lot of the emotional stuff – being induced when I really didn’t want to be and being in the hospital for so long.

The whole pregnancy I had imagined starting off at home naturally and being able to relax until it was time, instead an induction was required because I had required serial growth scans throughout pregnancy, it was discovered that baby’s growth had slowed down.

At 40 weeks and 5 days I went in to be induced yet it was another 36 hours before baby would arrive. They started off with the pessary after a brief examination which actually started to work within a few hours. By early evening the surges were significant enough to employ breathing techniques.

Unfortunately, after 8 hours, the pessary came out when I went to the toilet and after another examination the midwife thought it best to leave things and at 3 am was told to get ready to move onto delivery suite to break my waters.

We got our stuff together excitedly and waited for them to come back…and waited. At 6 am we asked when we would be moving and was told that priorities had changed (other patients had progressed faster). Through all the waiting the effect of the pessary had worn off and the surges had dialled right back down, which was disappointing.

This is where my hypnobirthing mindset became an important tool, I had to use it to calm myself down as I felt so let down, especially after being told I couldn’t have a water birth due to requiring constant monitoring. It felt like things were quickly coming out of my control and most of what I wanted was being taken away one by one. I just kept imagining myself holding baby and telling myself it wouldn’t be that long “this time tomorrow or the day after”. It definitely helped to ground me.

Eventually at around lunch time they came to collect me and moved me to delivery suite to break my waters – things moved along very quickly then. Once my waters had been broken I used another of what hypnobirthing had taught me which was to ask questions. I asked if I could not have a water birth, could I at least have a shower and I laboured for half an hour in there before needing to return to the monitor.

Shortly after coming back I was moved onto the 3rd stage of induction with the drip – things really kicked off then and it was just a few short hours before baby was here.

Up until then, the breathing and my TENS machine had been sufficient to cope with the surges but once the drip came in I started to use gas and air too. All of these tools were great but the best tool was the mindset of “this isn’t permanent” knowing I’d get a break was the key to getting through the intensity.

After a while I was examined again and was 4cm – THIS is when it got me. The surges were feeling so strong and I even felt the urge to push. I think due to the drip I had a couple of surges together without a break so I asked for stronger pain relief and was administered pethidine.

For the next couple of hours, everything was a blur until it came to the end. Once baby was ready to come out I turned around on the bed kneeling up over the top of it and withing a couple of pushes our little girl was born.

I know that seems like a mixed bag and certainly not a typical hypnobirthing experience, I think a lot of outside variables out of my control made things more difficult for me than it would have been had they not happened (the pessary coming out, being messed around with moving to delivery suite and then not going etc.) Even with all of that extra stuff hypnobirthing still helped me to get through it easier and it still helps now.

The “this isn’t permanent, it will pass” has helped me through breastfeeding issues at the start, those nights where baby just wont sleep and of course – Lockdown!!! Freya-Rose was born one hour before the country stopped ❤Xxxx”

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