My Positive Induction Story

“So where do I begin?? Early on in pregnancy I found out I tested positive for Group B Strep, meaning I was under consultant care and was told that I needed anitibotics in labour. I wasn’t classed as high risk so I could go into the Midwife Led Unit (MLU) which was what I wanted. My first little boy was in neonatal care for 5 days when he was born with an infection that we never found out what it was, and I didn’t want history to repeat itself, so I wanted the antibiotics this time round.

When I had my first baby, I didn’t know about hypobirthing and I wish I had. I was one of my friends birthing partners and she had practised hypnobirthing. I thought WOW this is something I need to do when I have my next baby.

I came across the Rachel’s page and actually messaged her before I was pregnant telling her how amazing it was watching my friend and that I wanted to do it when I’m pregnant. A year later I went on her hypobirthing course!

Even though I had already given birth I found Rachel’s course so helpful and full of knowledge that she explained in such simple way. I can honestly say it gave me a totally different view on birth and deal with situations differently.

So here is my birth story….

At half past 4 in the morning my waters broke while I was in bed, I was told to call the hospital as soon as my waters broke due to the strep b. I was asked to go in ASAP and we got there an hour later due to getting nanny and granddad around to see to our little boy.

I was told by the midwife that I needed to stay in the hospital and be given a large dose of antibiotics, then once I was in labour it would be more antibiotics every 4 hours. I asked if I could go home as I didn’t want to be in hospital stuck on the induction ward. She went away and came back saying that the consultant will come and see me to discuss things.

When the consultant arrived it was actually one of the consultants I saw for one of my earlier appointments and she was really nice so it but it me at ease straight away.

Because of the Strep B, I agreed to be induced. Before being induced we made an agreement that we would give myself until just after lunch to see if things started off by itself and to be checked to see if I was dilated at all.

I was checked by the midwife and I was 1-2cm dilated at about half 9 and was moved onto the induction ward and the antibiotics were given to me about 10ish. So much for the rush of getting them in!!

Because of being moved from the triage room to the induction ward my pulse rate was high (which is understandable). To help make it come down I listened to hypnobirthing audio and mindfulness recording and I brought my pulse rate right now.

Me and James went and got some lunch and the next thing I knew it was 1pm and still nothing was happening apart from a few period pains and ache. I accepted to be checked again as I knew they would need to put the pessary in anyway. The pain was unreal when she examined me, I couldn’t bare it. The poor people on the ward listening to me pretty much screaming, it was awful! She couldn’t even reach my cervix and ended up putting the pessary in.

So off me and James went for a walk to try and get things moving. We walked all around the hospital on every floor we could and when I returned I was straight the ball.

To get my oxytocin hormones going I put Netflix on my phone and watched the Nutty Professor which I haven’t watched in year, I forgot how funny it was!

By 4pm I was have surges and they weren’t that far apart, I didn’t really time them I just went with it. I had my tens machine on but I asked James to go and see if they could give me any pain relief i.e. gas and air, but we were told that gas and air wasn’t allowed on the induction ward! The midwife came and spoke to me and said I need to be checked again to see if they can move me to the delivery suite. Yet again she couldn’t reach my cervix and the pain was unbearable. Eventually she went and got me some gas and air to be able to do the examination. Looking back I should of refused. I was 4-5cm yay!!

I was moved onto the delivery suite but was put in one of the medical rooms, I asked if I could go down to the MLU and was told as my pulse was high again so I needed to be monitored and they could move me once my pulse had gone down. In the meantime, I put my relaxing music on and the midwife got me a cloth to put my Lavender oil on so I could smell it. The tens machine had to be removed and boy could I tell the difference, all my surges were in my back.

I was on the ball as I said that I didn’t want to be on the bed which they were fine with at first but after about 15mins it wasn’t registering properly so I was asked to get on the bed and as soon as the reading was ok I could get off and go into the MLU. I was on there a while and to be taken off a consultant had to sign it off.

After giving it a little while the consultant was still busy but the surges were so much harder to deal with on the bed compared to standing. I was getting off quite often to use to toilet as I was drinking loads and one time I got off I thought I’m not getting back on the bed and I didn’t! So I stood standing up with my elbows on the bed, the midwife didn’t ask for me to get back onto the bed she just put some pads underneath me and let me carry on with what I wanted to do.

The surges were so much easier to cope with and I remember Rachel’s tip that a lot of women like their hips being held together so James did that and it helped so much! It made the surges much easier to cope with. I did have a little wobble and said I can’t do this I need more pain relief but James was there straight away telling me to remember what we had learnt and that I’ve come so far and that I can do it. It made me power through and wasn’t long before I wanted to push.

Pushing standing up was so hard, my legs were shaking like crazy so I moved onto the bed on my knees and arms leaning on the bed as it was in an upright position.

I was pushing for about and hour and half and the baby was right there but wasn’t moving any further down. The midwives asked me to move onto my side and I had my leg bent over one of the midwifes shoulders. I did 2 pushes and Baby Bamford was here!!!!

Even though I had already given birth I found Rachel’s course so helpful and full of knowledge explained in such simple way. I can honestly say it give me a different view on how to give birth and deal with situations differently.I would highly recommend anyone to go on her course!”

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