“My partner did an amazing job as midwife!”

Megan’s experience:

“Hi Rachel. Sorry it’s taken a while. But I’ve still been processing our birth story myself!

Our baby arrived on 23rd September after a super speedy labour. I awoke at 3am with dull period like aches in my lower tummy. It wasn’t until around 3:40 am that they felt like contractions. I didn’t even wake my other half until around 4am!

We both decided we needed a brew and distraction so with Red Dwarf on the tv we sat timing the contractions for another 45 minutes and called the hospital to let them know. Fast forward to 5:15 and we called my mum and told her to come over for 6.

By 5:45 the contractions were coming thick and fast so we called her to come straight away and also called delivery again to say we were coming in. The lady told my fiancé to call an ambulance as we wouldn’t make it. I guess I was making the right sounds!

My amazing fiancé delivered our beautiful 7lb 6oz little girl all by himself and my mum made it with 5 minutes to spare so she was able to hold my hand too! The ambulance arrived 20 minutes after the birth and the midwives were about an hour after.

Needless to say I am so thankful for your training because it prepared both myself and my fiancé! You taught me just how strong I am and that I could actually do it! Even my mum used the breathing technique on me from me telling her! I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without your course!”

Sooooo happy for you guys! Hugest of congratulations x

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