“My body just took over – it knew what to do”

Chelsea and Jonathan’s birth experience:

“Our little boy definitely kept us waiting! He was 41+3 weeks when he finally decided to grace us with his arrival. Everyone around me were getting really impatient but thanks to the knowledge that Rachel had given me, I was confident in the fact that he would arrive exactly when he was ready to.

My labour started off at 8am Saturday morning and the majority of my labour was spent at home in a calm and relaxed environment and I was able to focus on my breathing which helped me through each surge and I was pretty comfortable.

At around 6.30am Sunday morning, my contractions completely changed and were coming thick and fast, I didn’t even feel like I was getting any breaks between them.

When we got to the hospital around 7am I was 4-5cm and at 9am our little Oliver was born. It’s exactly true that Rachel says your body just knows exactly what to do and takes over. Because of how fast my contractions were coming, I was in a alot of pain and I chose to have some Diamorphine to help with that but I knew deep down that was the right decision for me and my baby. I’d originally planned to have a water birth but because of my decision to have the injection, the pool was no longer an option, however looking back, I probably wouldn’t have even made it to the pool by the time they’d filled it.

Although my birth didn’t go exactly to my original plan, I still felt the decisions I were making were right for us both and I could anticipate what stage of labour I was at what was to come next which made it such a positive and empowering experience.

Thank you so much Rachel, my birth wouldn’t have been the same without you”.

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