Katie and Michael’s Caesarean Section – “Doing Lionheart Hypnobirthing Helped to Save My Life”

Birth doesn’t always go how we have planned….

There is a common misconception that Hypnobirthing is all about the TYPE of birth you have. But it is so much more than this. When you have powerful techniques that help keep you calm, confident and empowered during ANY situation, tools that reduce fear, and knowledge to help you make informed decisions that are right for YOU at that time, this is what Hypnobirthing is all about.

Katie, Michael, and Katie’s mum’s birth story has more than a few twists and turns to it.

Katie required an induction of labour for concerns over her own health. And Katie laboured for over 60 in total. When I met up with the family last week, nanny Sue said:

"Katie was really calm during the whole of the labour and birth using all of her hypnobirthing skills. Even when the hormone drip went up, she was so focused".

As labour continued it became apparent that Katie was much more unwell than staff had previously realised. She was in grade 3 renal failure and had an emergency caesarean section within minutes of this being diagnosed. Katie needed to spend time in intensive care soon afterwards to help her recovery.

Katie’s birth story is a million miles away from what we had all imagined. Katie used her hypnobirthing skills to utter perfection to stay calm and make important decisions every step of the way. Katie told me "she couldn’t have coped without her hypnobirthing skills".

On Facebook, Katie wrote: ""Thank you to Rachel for our Hypnobirthing course. It is thanks to our sessions I was able to go into labour feeling my birth partners were fully informed to enable them to support me and my decisions. Although I did not get the labour and delivery I hoped for, my Hypnobirthing techniques did enable me to keep calm and focused during the incredibly long and intense stages of labour and made me feel extremely confident in both making and delivering to staff a couple of extremely important decisions that no doubt ultimately contributed to saving my life.Thank you also Rachel for your on going support postnatally; your honesty and compassion are next to none, look forward to seeing you at the group meet ups".

Katie’s mum also wrote: "I can now say Rachel’s hypnobirthing course has been a joy from start to finish. Thanks Rachel so much -you were great. I would highly recommend this to any parents to be".

Katie and her family are strong, courageous and so supportive of one another. Baby Grayson…now 8 weeks… is so calm, content and bloody gorgeous!!!

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f0 W E L C O M E T O T H E W O R L D
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f0 Grayson Charles Taylor Bottell. You have such a loving family and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together.

Love Rachel xxx

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