Jen and Ste’s Epic Birth Story

Meet beautiful baby Eva Seren, born Tues 22nd May at 23.20hrs and weighing 7lb 11oz. Mum Jen, dad Ste and grandparents Sandra ("nana San") and John. Jen had a wonderfully relaxed, gentle and calm birth. I actually spoke to Jen on the phone 2 hours before Eva was born and she was REMARKABLE. Here’s some of the things they said to me:

– "I thoroughly enjoyed it all, the whole labour and birth" (Jen)

– "I was so proud of her…she was amazing and calm throughout" (Ste)

– "We completely trusted what was happening. We knew everything that was happening was normal and healthy, because you’d taught us, so we stayed calm" (all of them!)

– "I felt the changes in my body as labour advanced. I knew where i was up to by what you’d taught us" (Jen)

– "The midwife thought i was in VERY early labour when i arrived at hospital because i was so calm. I was 8cm!" (Jen)

– "We used lots of the techniques you’d taught us (massage, breathing, movement and labour positions, visualisations etc) to stay totally calm and keep Jen comfortable (Sandra)

– "The birthing stay was the best. I felt AMAZING. It was completely comfortable because of what I’d learnt on your hypnobirthing course" (Jen)

– "We used what you taught us to make some tricky decisions and assert ourselves. The birth would have been very different had we not done hypnobirthing" (Jen)

– "We will remember this AMAZING day forever…we keep talking about it!!" (Jen and Sandra) – "We were able to bring our beautiful baby girl into the world calmly and gently, because of everything you’d taught us" (Jen) (at this point we’re all crying!!! Mostly me!!!)

You guys were AMAZING. Thank you for being so grateful and appreciative, but…it is honestly down to you. You soaked EVERYTHING I taught you up like a sponge and USED IT well. What a wonderful and loving family Eva has been brought in to. You are going to have so much fun and laughter together. See you very soon. Love Rachel xxx

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