“It was just the most wonderful experience” – Helen and Matty’s Story

"Hi Rachel! So, the birth! At 9:30am I’m the morning out of the blue I began to feel dull aches in my back, I noticed that they were frequent every 3-4 mins and lasting about 30-40 seconds. I put on my maternity tens, hopped on the birthing ball. I was home alone so phoned my dad to come and sit in the house with me just to see if they were just Braxton hicks or the real deal!

I soon realised this was the start of the latent phase of labour so I stayed and swayed on the ball, put on a YouTube video of hypnobirth meditation and affirmations and did lots of deep breathing to keep myself calm and focused. The meditation videos just felt a little annoying and I didn’t feel they were helping build that all important oxytocin so I just put something on that would just make me happy, turns out, sometimes just an episode of Friends is just as good to keep me smiling and happy. I continued the mantra of deep breaths through the contractions, closed my eyes and imagined myself “riding the wave”. Soon it will peak and it will soon be coming down and to make the most of the rest period. I walked around the house, up and down the stairs and get my body and legs in to the UFO position (body upright, legs open, tilt forward) and rotated my hips round and side to side. By 1pm I phoned my husband to come home from work and that I felt I was ready to go to hospital. I rode on the backseat of the car, kneeling facing back and gripping on to the head rest. I maintained throughout that I would try and avoid sitting or lying done at all throughout labour/birth if possible. So we got to hospital and agreed to the first initial examination only. I was 4cm and transitioning from latent phase to active phase. I again got on the ball, walked round the corridors and up and down some flights of stairs all still with my tens machine on. I never once lay down or sat down. I faced my husband, arms round his neck and stood swaying side to side. We switched off all the lights and just left the electric candles. At about 2:30 pm the midwife asked would I like to get in the pool. I was worried getting in the pool would slow labour down but the midwife convinced me that it can do quite the opposite. And she was right! I felt instant relief as soon as I got in the pool and straight on to the gas and air. The midwife said she knew Rachel/Lionheart hypnobirthing very well and she herself knew a lot about hypnobirth and so they would intervene as little as possible. They told me they would not be examining me and even though I had opted for the injection to aid in delivering the placenta as quickly as possible, they suggested to me that I even leave the injection and see how I go about delivering naturally. Then active labour really kicked in. I still kept active in the pool. Sitting in a squat swaying side to side or on all fours rocking away. The gas and air had me saying all sorts of silly things which were making us all howl with laughter. (The midwives even suggested my husband have a go on the gas and air so he could join in on the fun haha!!) We were doing American New York gangster impressions, rapping Dr Dre, singing Katy Perry “Roar” as I roared though some of the tougher surges, all of which I’m sure is where all the endorphins were being generated from! As I progressed further my body and my mind just went into an out of body experience, I mooed, roared, growled through the intensity of the surges. Closed my eyes and rode that wave in my mind. When the contractions stopped I also stopped using the gas as air and I took as many deep breaths of normal air in as possible. Deep breath in, long exhale out. My husband and the midwifes repeating over and over out loud to me the affirmations to me. “Each contraction is one step close to meeting your baby”. As the contractions came one of top of the other I knew this was the transition phase. Again, keep calm, ride it out, it won’t last forever. You’ve made it this far! It was only at this point, at 10cm my waters broke in the pool. When it came time to push I tried my best with the J breathing but the urge to bear down was just so great I did throw that part out the window and just pushed as hard as I could as I just wanted this baby out!! Through 4 contractions and strong bearing down her head was out. The water gave a huge relief and although crowning did sting, it was again not unbearable and was short lived. When her head was out I remembered that that’s it! The baby will twist herself to the right position and then she will be out! That’s exactly what happened. I few seconds of stillness I felt her twist round to the right and with a little push she suddenly just gushed out! I calmly grabbed her and slowly lifted her up and on to my chest and tried to keep as much of her body in the water as possible to keep her warm. And there she was, I just knelt in the pool in complete shock, awe, euphoria, I’d done it! My little baby girl, Summer Grace Campbell born 7:41 pm, just 6 hours after we had arrived at hospital. My placenta was delivered naturally after 15 minutes and we were at home in our own bed just 4.5 hours later! It also wasn’t the stereotype of “pain” that I was expecting. The contractions were feelings of deep downward intense pressure. I had just the most wonderful experience. And finally, the giant stack of tea and toast that you’re presented with right after giving birth is just the best tasting toast you will ever have in your life haha!! Lots of love, Helen xxx"

Helen and Matty I am so so proud of you and delighted to have played a part in your adventure!

On Facebook, Helen wrote about how she used Lionheart Hypnobirthing techniques: "Where to begin!!?? Is there a 10 star voting option?! 9 months ago I had never heard of hypnobirthing. Fast forward to today, I’m holding this precious 3 day old baby in my arms in complete disbelief that I brought her in to this world on just gas and air, in the water, completely in control, in confidence and empowered throughout. Hypnobirth DOES work!! Coming from a woman who is the biggest wimp in the world with zero pain tolerance! I faint at a blood tests and way too much of a wimp to ever get a tattoo! But that is what Rachel and her invaluable knowledge will give you. Understanding the science behind our amazing bodies and how to work as a partnership with you and your baby throughout. I could go on!! So book the course, pay the money, you won’t regret it!! Thank you Rachel!! Xxx"


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