“It was exactly the birth we wanted” – Emma and Mark’s Story

Tonight I met up with my clients Emma and Mark and their second baby Beuden; who was born on 30th October and weighed just over 8lb 10oz
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The couple had a home water birth
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f0 and here’s just some of the things they said about their birth experience and doing my Hypnobirthing course:

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f0 The labour was stop/start for a few days…which was annoying and hard but we knew it was normal and we stayed calm.

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f0 Once active labour started, I used all the Hypnobirthing techniques….it was nothing like our first birth experience which was very painful and distressing.

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f0 The midwife thought I was nowhere near birthing, and she was ready to leave…I shouted her back in to tell her the head had been born!!!

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f0 I felt safe and relaxed using my Hypnobirthing skills and knowledge throughout labour and birth.

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f0 We felt incredibly calm during the whole thing.

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f0 We really enjoyed the whole of our labour and birth experience.

Hugest congratulations to you all welcoming
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f0 B E U D E N W I L L I A M M A R K

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f0 into the world. Enjoy your life together as a gorgeous family of 4
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Love Rachel xxx

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