“I keep crying thinking about my birth because of how positive it was!”

The birth was amazing, even though I was induced….I keep crying thinking about my birth because of how positive it was!

I was induced at 11am, due to reduced movements etc…I was examined and my cervix was super closed and towards the back. Jordan couldn’t be with me on the induction bay due to Covid, so he could only come when I went over to delivery suite. This is when my hypnobirthing kicked in as I had to do the majority on my own!

I went for walks around the hospital as nothing was happening! My contractions started (very mild) at 10:30pm and really irregular! Then my waters went on there own at 2:30am, and that’s when they really kicked in!! They gave me paracetamol and codeine which didn’t help at all!

I was contracting at this point every 2 minutes, but I was breathing through them and what got me through them was knowing at around 30 seconds they peaked! So around 5:30am I went over to delivery suite, Jordan arrived around 6am and they examined me and I was 3cm! So they were prepping me for epidural, put the cannula in my hand and was waiting for the anaesthetist and around 8.30am they checked me again before he was going to come in and I was 10cm!!

I started to push at 8:45/9am and I found pushing such a relief and really enjoyed it! I used the Surfer Technique to make sure I coped with the surge! I knew when it was about to start, and when it would peak.

I didn’t make a sound the whole labour! Something came over me and I had to be completely silent. I was in my zone big time! She was then born at 9.26am and it was the most amazing time of my life I get so emotional looking back at it, because it was the most perfect birth. I had no help, no complications, yes I was induced but you can definitely still hypnobirth when induced!!! She is the most beautiful baby and I’m so glad we went on your course xxxx

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