“I felt like a warrior giving birth!”

“Hi Rachel,

I just want to say a massive massive thank you! You, and everything you have taught us has been truly invaluable!

Being in hospital for almost a week with pre-eclampsia, strict visiting times, uncertainty and having to make decisions on my own as Ben wasn’t allowed in on the doctor’s rounds (due to Covid restrictions) was an emotional rollercoaster.

You gave me all the tools to ask the “right” questions to allow us to make our own decisions about what was best for me and our baby. I felt confident in my decision to be induced and I knew how to use my hypnobirthing skills alongside this.

I was induced at 06.30 after declining a sweep, irregular surges at 07.30, surges 3-5minutes by 9.20. Unfortunately, I was in a bay and the midwife wasn’t listening to me. I told her what I was feeling and she said “I need to examine your cervix to see whether or not this is labour or if you are just uncomfortable”. I said no thank you.

The surges were more intense and powerful and regular and I could tell I was in active labour. Although Felix is my first baby so my body hasn’t done before, I could tell I was in active labour…and I was.

Ben arrived at 11.15 and was like “wow she’s in labour!” He knew the signs to look for because of your course! One MW was bickering saying labour suite won’t take me if I didn’t have a vaginal examination. Ben said to her: “you are clearly very experienced, surely you can Stacey’s behaviour that she is in active labour?” I was so proud of him standing up for me!

Ben was fantastic and did a great job at the hip squeezes with each surge! They are a massive help! I had my head buried in the pillow the whole time (like you say, it’s not a social event). As I birthed Felix, I was thinking about the birth affirmations and taking those long deep breaths with each surge. And it all happened so quick from there!

Thank you for boosting our confidence and empowering us all! You have really changed our lives for the better. And now I’m crying…Haha! 

Lots of love Stacey, Ben and Felix Xxx”

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  1. Litherland

    Massive congratulations to new mummy and dad and baby Felix

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