“I felt empowered to have a voice during labour and to listen to my body”

Elisha’s experience:

“I had my daughter on the 12th Sept and it was a pretty quick delivery from waters breaking at 3:30am to having her at 5:22am….

Even though it was quick, the contractions were super strong with little break in between….

Doing Rachel’s course helped me to breath through each contraction and to listen to my body….

I had the picture of the surfer from her book in my head which shows the wave of a contraction starting low and getting higher then dropping down again.This image really helped me to get through each contraction.

The midwife delivering my baby didn’t think I was ready to push, yet a few mins later my daughter was born.

Rachel’s course empowered me to have a voice during my labour and to help me listen to my body and the natural process of labour. I will be forever grateful for Rachel and her course.”


I adored reading your birth experience Elisha. Thank you for sharing with us. Click here for more details on what I do and how I can help you.

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