“I felt amazing giving birth!”

Vicky’s experience:

“Hi Rachel, we are all well and at home. Just got baby Rosa in my arms – 💞 born 11:23am Monday 19th October. I was induced 7pm Sunday, went to 7cm using my Hypnobirthing techniques, tens machine and gas & air, Hypnobirthing absolutely was my rock – I’m so glad I did your course.

I felt like I was struggling to cope not long after I was 7cm so I opted for diamorphine. I’m glad I did, even though it did the trick and made me spaced out I still felt in control and I still used the Hypnobirthing techniques and the recommended birthing positions to push her out as best I could.

After pushing hard for 1 hr 45 mins in all sorts of diff positions using a birthing mat, squatting etc (the midwife and student midwife were great and let me do my thing but stayed close), I ended up needing some help with ventouse, but the cup thing actually popped off after the first pull and I then pushed her out so they said I did it on my own!

I burst some blood vessels in my face I was pushing that hard haha but I’m so proud. They held up a mirror so I could see her head crowning and I felt it, it was amazing.

I honestly would have lost it without your course, I can see why some women lose control and it’s very sad that if that then means they have a negative experience.

I felt like superwoman when she was born. It was such a positive experience, and I really have you to thank for me feeling prepared, strong, determined and in control”.

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