“Hypnobirthing really helped keep me calm and confident” – Maz and Mike’s Story

My birth story… ok where do I start… well I never thought I would make it to my due date I was feeling that uncomfortable I was 40 weeks and 4 days. On 30th October 2019 my husband Mike and I decided to watch a scary film together, The Shining to be exact to “try scare the baby out of me” were Mike’s words if I can recall.

We were up quite late and went to bed quite late too. At around 4.30am in the early hours of 31st October 2019 I had to get up to pee and all of a sudden I felt something come away from me, I didn’t think anything of it and went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep as I had lower back pain so I lay in bed and started looking up random things. I then had to go pee again but this time there was a trickle of water that wouldn’t stop.

I waited a few more toilet trips to be sure that my waters had gone, and I wanted to remain calm and be in a positive head space before I woke up Mike to tell him. I then woke Mike about 5.30am and told him I thought my waters had gone, he jumped out of bed, I then said right if this is it let’s go down stairs and have some porridge and a coffee, as I’ll need my energy for later, we remained calm and confident that we knew what was happening and what to do.

Whilst eating my porridge I did lots of deep breathing and reassured myself with positive birth affirmations such as “baby knows best” and “my body is designed to give birth calmly”. After breakfast my waters still continued to trickle but I was having no surges. At about 6.30am we then decided to call the labour ward to get advice on what to do next. I also found out during my pregnancy that I was Group B strep so I was informed that if my waters went first to contact the hospital straightaway. Once we got through on the phone to the labour ward they asked me to come in to Triage to check me over.

Myself and Mike remained calm and we both got a shower and got ready and Mike put our bags in the car. On the way to hospital I did some deep breathing exercises and although I still wasn’t having any surges it helped me focus and remain calm. We arrived at hospital at around 07.45am and went to Triage, a midwife confirmed that I was in early labour however, I still was not having any surges. They offered to start my surges off with a Gel, I said to the midwife that I did not want medical intervention at this point. The midwife informed me that my body will surge eventually but it could be in an hour, 12 hours etc. but that I needed to remember that because of the Group B Strep the risk to my baby was high.

The midwife told me and Mike to go for a walk and discuss our options.We walked to the car to get the hospital bags and after a long and thoughtful chat we decided to take the Gel, although this was not in my plan, I did have to take into consideration the risk of Group B strep to my baby. We told the midwife we were happy to have the Gel to start my surges off much to my disappointment. Before they offered me the Gel, they wanted to hear baby’s heart beat so I was put on a monitor.

The midwife knew I had done Hypnobirthing and how important it was to me and Mike so she asked for another midwife who knew all about Hypnobirthing to come in and talk to me to reassure me that I could still do Hypnobirthing after taking the Gel. As I was lying down with the monitor on me and the midwife talking about Hypnobirthing with me I was in a calm headspace, then all of a sudden our baby’s heart rate dropped suddenly and didn’t come back up, the panic button was pressed by a midwife and the next thing I knew I was being taken to theatre for an emergency c section, it was all very fast. Although this was not how I thought my birth and labour would go, our beautiful baby boy Jenson William Sedman was born at 10.51am via emergency c section and is fit and healthy.

Although this was not my plan and it was a birth experience I never even thought would happen, Hypnobirthing really helped keep me calm and confident in the lead up to Jenson’s dramatic entrance

We can’t recommend Rachel’s hypnobirthing course enough – we felt calm and confident about labour, and during the labour Rachel’s course gave us the knowledge to to make empowered decisions. Maz & Mike XXX

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