Hypnobirthing an Induction – Aimee and Simon’s Birth Story

“I can’t believe how calm I felt during the whole thing” – Aimee

My clients Aimee and Simon welcomed their gorgeous little boy into the world 3 months ago (how gorgeous this pic!? )

Aimee was really apprehensive about giving birth and did a hypnobirthing course with me to learn tools and techniques to have a calm and confident birth experience. They finished the course feeling prepared and knowledgeable, knowing they had everything within them to have a great birth experience.

Aimee and Simon had no easy ride. Around the time of Aimee’s due date, she was found to have pre-eclampsia and was induced that same day. Aimee started having surges almost immediately after the induction gel, and then went on to have the hormone drip put up too.

Here’s what Aimee had to say about her experiences in hypnobirthing an induced labour:

“The surges started VERY quickly. And I had very little break between them. About 90 seconds rest before another surge for the whole of my labour. It was pretty intense”.

“I really focused on my breathing the whole time. And Simon was breathing with me to keep me focused. He did the back massage you taught us for the whole 10 hours! It was amazing”.

“The staff kept insisting I stay on the bed and keep still as I was on the monitor. I had to be very insisted that I was going to be upright and mobile. I have never EVER questioned a health professional before but I’d learnt the importance of this on the course”.

“The staff kept wanting to examining me. In the end I had to be very firm and say “no more!” and my hand went up. I made sure I was listened to and Simon backed me 100%”.

“I used the breathing visualisation you gave us right the way through. For every single surge. I did the breathing visualisation and it was so effective”.

“The staff said to me “no one ever has induction without pain relief”, and they kept insisting I have an epidural, but I had lots of other tools and techniques to use”.

“Simon was amazing. He knew and understood exactly what was happening and how to help me”.

“I got myself completely in the zone. Although the surges were closer together, they felt exactly as you described them”.

“There were lots of distractions in the room (being asked to lie down, or have repeat vaginal examinations), I lost my focus a couple of times, and had to concentrate hard on blocking out the distractions and stay in the zone”.

After a 10 hour labour, Sebastian was showing signs of distress and Aimee required an emergency caesarean.

“It was not what we had planned remotely. But I felt really calm as we went into theatre. Even on the theatre table I felt safe and I felt calm and focused. I carried on doing everything I’d learnt, and it was a really positive experience”.

“A few people have said to me since “what a shame, you didn’t get to use your hypnobirthing”’85and I have said to them,”BUT I DID USE IT! I USED IT DURING MY PREGNANCY, DURING MY LABOUR AND BIRTH AND NOW AS A MUM”.

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f0 Welcome to the World
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f0 Sebastian George Roe, born on 13.3.19 to gorgeous parents Aimee and Simon.

Love Rachel xxx

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