Honor and Aziz’s birth story

Labour and birth are as much an EMOTIONAL event as they are a physical. Yet, whilst lots of people view birth purely in terms of what they feel in a physical sense, actually how you prepare for birth from a psychological/mental perspective has a MUCH bigger impact. My client Honor sums this up perfectly: “My long labour was an emotional rollercoaster”. And my goodness was Honor an absolute warrior’85this woman was strong, brave and courageous beyond belief
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f0 . Honor had a labour lasting over 48 hours in total. She was tired, despondent at times, and even considered a caesarean section at one point. But she used her mindset/psychological tools to stay calm and focused. And gave birth with zero intervention and using only water and gas and air for comfort. Here’s some of what Honor had to say about her birth using Lionheart Hypnobirthing: ’95 “Things started on the Monday in the evening. I wasn’t sure if it was labour or not so I stayed calm and things started to build up”. ’95 “At 3am, I couldn’t sleep through the surges. So I got up, had a cup of tea and filled the hot water bottle”. ’95 “By the morning, I was having strong surges. I had 3 in every 10 minutes so we headed to the birth centre. I was 1cm dilated so we headed back home”. ’95 “By tea time, they were even stronger. I was making quite bit of noise and I was using my TENS machine which helped”. ’95 “We headed back to the birth unit at 7pm. I was 2cm dilated at this point but we wanted to stay.” ’95 “By 9pm, I was really tired. The surges were very powerful. The staff at the birth unit wanted me to go to the main hospital to get checked over to see why things were going “slowly” despite the powerful surges”. ’95 “At the hospital, they said baby was happy and coping well. Baby was in a back to back position. I had a bath which was lovely and then we went back home”. ’95 “All night I paced the floor. I was making lots of noises at this point. And the surges were very close together. I had to tell myself I could do this, and keep myself focused. Aziz was breathing with me all the time, telling me I could do this. He knew what to do to support me because of what he’d learnt on the hypnobirthing course with you Rachel”. ’95 “At 06.45am on the Wednesday, we headed back to the birth unit. We had to use our assertiveness skills to be allowed back in to the birth centre, and I felt really angry and upset by this. Aziz was so supportive and spoke up for me. He knew what questions to ask to find out what was happening and what our options were”. ’95 “At 07.30 on the Wednesday, I was 6cm and I was so relieved! It was happening! I was doing it! Baby had just taken her time to turn into position for the birth”. ’95 “We dimmed the lights, had our music on, and this part was exactly how we had planned”. ’95 “The last bit went quick. In fact, the birth part was brilliant!” ’95 “We went home 2 hours after baby was born”.
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f0 All in all, Honor told me that: “Hypnobirthing gave me the tools, mindset and strength to cope during a very long and intense labour. It made me realise how much I could control and cope with. My husband knew what to do to support me because of what he’d learnt on the hypnobirthing course with you Rachel. I remembered everything you said and used it. Our birth story would have been totally different without Lionheart Hypnobirthing”
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f0 Welcome to the World
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f0 Ebru Bee Sakakli, born on 17.4.19. Your mum and dad are incredible humans, who showed strength, determination, calm and trust when bringing you into the world. Have a wonderful and happy life together.

Love Rachel xxx P.s. oh my
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f0 this pic of baby!!!!

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