“Giving birth was the best experience of my life”

On Christmas Eve I was 39+6 and woke up feeling nauseous after a rubbish nights sleep so I got in the bath and had a nap. By mid afternoon I noticed a dull ache in my back and stomach that would start and stop irregularly. I mentioned it to my mum who got very excited that I was in labour, I was in denial however, convinced my baby wouldn’t be here for his due date. My mum kept telling me to sleep but I wanted to clean up to make sure the house was ready if I was going to be bringing a baby home. When I started hoovering the surges become stronger, I had to stop to breathe when they would come, this is when I started to believe I was in labour. I told my partner and messaged Rachel who assured me what I felt was normal. At about 6pm about 3 hours after my surges started, I went to my mums house with my TENs machine while my dad and Joe finished grouting my kitchen floor ha!

At my mums I turned on the TENS machine and began to keep an eye on my surges. At 7:30pm, Joe came to pick me up and I got in the shower in the dark as the surges got stronger. After about 30 minutes I got into bed with the tv on and took 2 paracetamol. My surges began to change and my body felt like it was going into shock, I panicked that something was wrong and we decided to go to the hospital.

In the car my mum rubbed my shoulders and I felt like I was gaining control again. Arriving at hospital I declined an examination and was put on a monitor. And I regained full control of my surges. After around 90 minutes being monitored, I was told that my baby’s heart rate had dropped slightly after 2 surges so they would like to examine me to determine the next step. I agreed and as I was 2cm I was offered the breaking of my waters. I asked what my options were and was offered more monitoring instead, which I opted for. A futher 60 minutes of monitoring and very intense surges, with a ‘perfect trace’ I was told I would not be suitable for a water birth because of the original monitoring and after examination I was still 2cm. I felt deflated and didn’t think I could continue. I was again offered to have my waters broken and was told if I accepted this I could have gas & air as I had been asking. I refused and was offered pethadine. Knowing this would likely slow down the labour and make baby sleepy I refused and was moved to the labour ward.

On the labour ward I got in the shower. I walked from the shower to my bed between surges but they were very close together and very intense. Around 50 minutes after getting onto labour ward I knelt up on the bed and felt as though I was trying to hold back my surges, this was making them painful and I was starting to scream and lose control. After an hour on labour ward, a midwife come to check and I told her I needed to push. She examined me and I had gone from 2cm – 6cm in an hour. I was happy that all the intense surges was making a difference. I was wheeled to delivery where I got gas & air and met my midwife who was really lovely. I told her I needed to push down and asked if it was ok. The midwife told me to do what felt right so I began pushing away the surges and I felt in control again. Looking back now I know this was my uterus pushing my baby down where he needed to be.

After around 90 minutes of kneeling on the bed I started to feel that I needed to stand up. I got off the bed and asked for it to be raised so I had something to hold on to. As I did this my waters broke. With the next coming surges my body began to squat down and push This was my favorite part, my body naturally took over and as soon as a surge would come I could control the strength of my body pushing with the depth of a squat. The more I relaxed and further i dropped my knees the stronger the push become.

30 minutes after beginning to push, at 4:56am on christmas morning, my baby boy arrived safely. Totally the best experience of my life!

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