Gemma, Frankie and Baby Elliot – Turning a Breech Baby, followed by a Calm and Relaxed Birth

Yesterday morning, I met up with my client Gemma and her new baby Elliot (dad Frankie is now back at work).

Gemma didn’t have the most straightforward pregnancy for a number of reasons, and at 37 weeks baby was still in a breech position. Gemma rang me for some support and advice and we talked about different things that encourage a baby to turn…things like having an ECV (External Cephalic Version), acupuncture and different positions she could adopt. Gemma chose to have an ECV but found this very uncomfortable, even using Gas and Air. Gemma decided to stop using the Gas and Air and instead use her hypnobirthing skills to keep her body and mind calm and relaxed. Baby was turned by the doctor into a head down position and we were all relieved that he stayed in that position!

Elliot Francis Barkley was born on 13th January 2018 and weighed 7lb 5oz, and he is a beauty.

Mum Gemma had a straightforward birth and reports she felt calm and relaxed throughout. She told me her birth partners (Frankie and her mum Shirley) were amazing – really calm and knew how to support her. Gemma credits this all Hypnobirthing.

Huge congratulations to a very gorgeous family x

On Facebook, Gemma wrote: "Just wanted to say a big thank you for our one to one course…worth every penny! Me and Frankie were definitely more prepared and positive about the whole thing thanks to Rachel. Not had the most straightforward 8 months but using hypnobirthing has helped me through and kept me calm in certain situations. Rachel is a lovely person and very professional. Thank you for all your help and advice".

On Facebook, Frankie wrote: "Never heard of hypnobirthing before doing this and at first was in two minds about it. Rachael was amazing and helped me personally as a bloke understand a lot more of the process we would be taking. I learned how to help my partner for support and initially to prepare myself on what was to come , having never experienced child birth before. This course made me more relaxed and well prepared and ended up enjoying the whole process in the end and less nervous. More importantly we had Rachael there whenever we needed her for advice or support on the side if we were unsure about anything. Felt like we had a friend on the side who had the knowledge of everything and made our process of pregnancy and birth alot easier."

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