Course Content

Course content is tailored to your individual or group needs and your Lionheart Hypnobirthing Manual will cement all of your learning and will soothe and reassure you in pregnancy and labour. 

Here is an overview of what you can expect  to come away with:

Laying the foundations

We will talk about your pregnancy, your previous labour and birth experiences (if applicable) and your hopes / fears / expectations for your forthcoming  birth. You will discover the use of hypnotherapy as a profound and powerful tool for labour and birth. You will learn and gain trust in how your body is perfectly designed for birth and how to work with it – not against it – in labour. You will learn some amazingly-effective breathing and relaxation techniques to help you stay calm, focused and in control during pregnancy and labour. You will learn about the ideal birth environment and how you can apply this to where YOU want to give birth. Your birth partner will learn how to support you emotionally and physically. Your eyes will start to open regarding how positive and empowering labour and birth really can be. 

Preparing for birth

You will learn that what you do in pregnancy both physically and mentally has a huge impact on your how your labour and birth unfolds on the day. You will practice those amazingly-effective breathing and relaxation techniques. You will learn SO MANY practical tools and techniques for making  birth quicker and more comfortable whilst also reducing the likelihood of perineal tearing. I will share with you my tried-and-tested techniques for coping with each and every surge. You will feel more relaxed, knowing that alot of the pressure has been taken off the “big day”. You will be feeling increasingly confident  and excited in your ability to cope with labour and trust your instincts.

making choices

Most of my clients book me because they want to feel in control during labour and birth. I will show you just how much choice and control you really have.

You will also feel prepared in making important decisions that are safe and right for YOU and YOUR baby. You will feel prepared in case of any deviations from your birth plan. We talk over sweeps, induction of labour, vaginal examinations, monitoring in labour and lots more so that you understand each of these fully and can make clear and well informed decisions about them. I will talk you through alternatives and how to use hypnobirthing alongside these interventions should you choose them.

I will talk you through keeping your birth as simple and straightforward and how you can avoid a forceps, ventouse and caesarean birth as much as possible. But, crucially, how to cope and use your hypnobirthing skills should your birth go down this path.

 You will feel more informed, confident and calm that whatever route your birth takes, you are knowledgeable and in control.

putting everything into practice

You will fully understand and trust in the labour and birth process and “all the things” that will help you cope with each and every stage of labour, and each and every surge. You will learn how to minimise birth sensations, and vocalise your birth preferences (birth plans) with care givers. Your confidence will be brimming. You will feel reassured that you and your birth partner have the tools to cope with labour and birth in the best possible way. You will feel excited to use everything you have been learning. You will know that even though the course has finished, myself and your fellow Lionhearts are available to support you.