“Any pain just dispersed with each breath”

Dawn and Barry’s birth experience:

!At term + 4 days, I had a routine appointment with my midwife. At this appointment, I mentioned a reduction in movements and was sent for monitoring straight away. As part of the monitoring, I had a scan and this flagged up that my baby was very, very large and a doctor advised that due to babyโ€™s size and other factors, it would be safest for baby and me to have a c-section.

To say I was upset is an understatement. I was crying and quite emotional that I wouldn’t get the calm birth I wanted. I was booked in for a caesarean on the Friday, but baby had other ideas…at 3am the next morning I woke to waves of pains in my back and tummy every 4 minutes, lasting for 30 seconds.

I instantly started to breathe through each surge and honestly (as ridiculous as this sounds) the pain just dispersed with every breath. I was caught out a handful of times where I wasn’t focussed on breathing and the difference was significant. When I focussed on breathing or the feel of how water on my back in the shower felt, the attention was taken away from the pain and replaced with comfort.

Long story short, I got through to my community midwife 5 hours into surges and she insisted we go into hospital straight away. I was 4cm on arrival at hospital and walking, talking through contractions (whilst focusing on breathing), the midwife who examined me was quite surprised I was so far along and commented on how calm I was.

After Rachel’s teachings, manual and audio, keeping calm and breathing was honestly second nature.

An hour after arrival at hospital, I was suited for theatre. This is when the inner calmness started to unravel. Seeing the theatre started getting me feeling panicky. I dug deep, shut my eyes and remembered Rachel’s relaxation audio, I could literally hear her calm voice in my mind and I clung on deep to this at my most scared moments. It worked and my heart stopped racing and I felt more I control as my husband came into theatre and the show got underway.

Our 10lb 10oz baby was delivered a few minutes later. I honestly put this almost perfect birth down to how calm I was and this I give credit to rachel completely. We had such a good experience (even with the complete detour from natural birth to c-section at the last minute).

Thank you Rachel x”

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