Ania and Jakub’s Natural Waterbirth

Ania was referred to me directly by her community midwife. She was quickly approaching full term but was keen to practice Hypnobirthing for the birth of her first baby. After a telephone conversation with Ania, we decided that rather than try and do all four sessions before baby arrived, we would do two “intense” sessions instead. Ania and her partner Jakub were an absolute pleasure to teach; they already had a great mindset for birth and considered it to be a normal and natural process. After the sessions, the parents-to-be commented that they both "felt more informed, confident and calm" about their upcoming birth. Job done!

On Sunday 15th October 2017, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting their new baby boy Antos. Antos was born on 24.9.17, weighing in at a very healthy 8lb 3oz. Antos was so calm and settled during my visit and parents report that this is his usual behaviour.

I was utterly delighted to hear that Ania and Jakub had the natural and straightforward birth they wanted and prepared for.

Ania laboured mostly at home using a birthing ball, a TENS machine and using the breathing techniques and visualisations I had taught them on the course, and which they had spent time practising at home. They listened to the audio CD throughout, which Ania loved and found very reassuring, but which drove Jakub a bit crazy! (My husband also reports having felt the same way about the CD during our labour!)

On arrival at the hospital, midwives felt Ania was “too calm” to be in established labour but Ania was actually well on her way. She had already decided to have a water birth so removed the TENS machine and enjoyed the relaxing and soothing warmth of the water. Ania reports having “no sense of time” during her labour. She reports some periods were surges were very powerful and, at times, intense but that she felt calm and totally in control throughout, using the breathing techniques and visualisations. Ania reported having conversations with Jakub and the midwife during surges, even between breathing baby out.

Baby, and then the placenta, were delivered into the soothing water of the birthing pool. Baby Antos was calm and alert. Parents observed that he didn’t cry straight away (this can be normal when a birth is so calm and relaxed).

Jakub described the whole of the labour and birth as “amazing” and both parents stated they enjoyed the whole experience.

When I asked the million dollar question about the impact of Hypnobirthing, parents reported that the course made them feel “completely prepared”; they felt confident in the process of labour and birth as we had discussed in detail each stage ’96 what to expect and what to do. Jakub stated that “he knew exactly what to do” to support Ania in labour, as we had discussed the role of the birthing partner in detail, and Ania confirmed this; “He really helped me. He knew what to do”.

Parents have decided not to post pictures of baby Antos on social media, but I must say…he is a cutie!

Parents said: “Rachel’s hypnobirthing course fully met our expectations and we would definitely recommend it to any future parents…..The fact that Rachel is a trained midwife gave us a lot of confidence in her. After completing the course, we both felt more informed, confident and calm. The course fully prepared us for the birth”.

Welcome to the world little Antos. You are a beautiful and healthy little boy and you have the most calm and relaxed parents who love and adore you so much . You are all going to have the most wonderful life together . Love Rachel xxx

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