Alex and Sam’s Induction of Labour

On Wednesday I met up with Alex and Sam and their new and very gorgeou

s little girl Rhea-Lily…(named after their nanny’s) and nicknamed "Rheli". Rheli was born almost 4 weeks ago and weighed 7lb 1oz. She was so calm and content during our catch up and parents say this is how she lives her life.

Mum Alex had an induced labour for medical reasons. Alex described the labour and birth as intense…she remembers feeling lots of pressure and powerful surges but felt no fear or panic and had trust in what her body was doing, as she had learnt about the whole process of labour and birth on the course. Despite everything that was going on around them (there were lots of doctors in the room at one point), Alex managed to shut the world out and use her hypnobirthing skills and breathing techniques to stay calm.

Dad Sam also said the breathing techniques they learnt on the course, and learning about the whole process of labour and birth helped them stay calm.

Alex wrote on Facebook: “Wow what can I say about Rachel?! Well besides being understanding and caring, the support she gave was second to none. I suffer with anxiety and had serious fear of childbirth so after being told I was going to be induced early (which of course was not in the plan and was the furthest from what I wanted) and no water birth allowed I panicked, like seriously panicked. The first person I text was Rachel and she was right there with reassurance and encouragement and she came to see us the next day, being the night before I would be started. The process was long and intense,but I was able to remain calm and relaxed, take on the help but I honestly and whole heartedly believe that had it not been for hypnobirthing and the tools provided by Rachel that I wouldn’t of even remembered to breathe. At times I lost my head but Rachel had taught me I can do this so I learned to trust myself, allow it to happen and now I have the most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t a fan of being pregnant and the birth wasn’t easy but I’d do it again for her tomorrow! Thank you Rachel so much! It’s people like you that make a big difference x”.

Sam wrote on Facebook: "When my partner first mentioned that she wanted to do hypnobirthing I really believed it was going to be all crazy hippie stuff but because my partner was bad with anxiety and quite fearful of labour I was happy to try it and Rachel didn’t disappoint. She was really easy to talk to and she taught me how to keep my partner calm and focused. Learning the labour process and the anatomy of what’s happening was really beneficial as you understand exactly why everything is happening. Would recommend to everyone to give it a try!"

Welcome to the world baby Rhea-Lily! And massive congratulations Alex and Sam. You were wonderful to teach Hypnobirthing to and you are gorgeous parents to the lovely Rheli. Alex ’96 it is a huge credit to you that your hypnobirthing skills saw you through an intense induction of labour. xxx

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