“My labour and birth was and always will be the most amazing and empowering moment of my life.”

Here’s Joanna, Josh and mum Zoe’s amazing birth story:

“My surges started off pretty quick from the beginning. After a few hours they got even closer together and were strong so we went to hospital, but I was told I was “only 3cm” by the midwife. So we went back home”.

“The surges were really powerful and close together so I knew that they MUST be doing something. But every time we went to the hospital I was told the same: still ONLY 3cm or that I “wasn’t in active labour”. That word “only” was so frustrating and I didn’t feel like I was being listened to when I was explaining the sensations I was having”.

“Every time I went to hospital, because I was pretty calm and chatty, it seemed people just didn’t believe me! I was actually getting really annoyed to be honest because I knew I was in labour because of everything I’d learnt on the hypnobirthing course!”

“We went home, again, and I laboured through the night with Josh and my mum by my side. They were really really supportive. The hypnobirthing classes helped them so much in how to help during me in labour, and they took everything on board”.

“My waters then went at home, but I was anxious about going in to hospital now,I didn’t want to be sent home again, so we waited at home”.

“I then started feeling lots and lots of pressure. I knew her head was coming down so we rang the paramedics and I was taken to hospital”.

“Even then, the staff were not convinced I was so far along because I was chatty and pretty calm. The midwife checked me again, and confirmed I was 10cm! I remember saying to her “I told you!”.

“I got in the pool and had my gorgeous baby girl soon after 20 mins of pushing. She was here & in my arms which was the best feeling I’ve ever felt!”

“The labour and birth was and always will be the most amazing and empowering moment of my life”.

“The most difficult thing was that we didn’t feel that we were being listened to, but I trusted in my body and the sensations that I was having and knew how to cope with each and every surge and stay calm”.

Welcome to the World Scarlett Jo Tither-Carter, born on 3rd August 2019 weighing 9lb 4oz.

Oh wow Joanna,check you out Mrs Superwoman! Strong, calm and courageous. And look at these incredible pictures (all shared with consent).

Have a wonderful and happy life together.

Love Rachel xxx

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