“My body took over. I knew exactly what was happening”- Nikita and Mike’s birth story

Last week I met up with my clients Nikita and Mike to talk over their birth experiences. They really had a mixed bag of experiences during their 3 day labour. Their calmness and focus throughout is a real testament to their strength, incredible team work and the hypnobirthing that they used to perfection. Nikita’s surges started really quickly ’96 coming every 2-3 minutes. Things started quick but then slowed, started then slowed…over the course of a couple of days. This was during the middle of the heatwave we had, so Nikita made sure she rested and stayed cool as well as calm! It’s really easy to feel frustrated, confused and to worry (unless you know otherwise) when labour is long and slow. But Nikita and Mike trusted what was happening, and weren’t in a rush to get labour over and done with; Mike told me “great things take time”. ARRRR,I LOVE THIS ATTITUDE. Patience is key. They knew and understood all the changes that needed to take place to Nikita’s body ’96 and did not want to rush this process. Nikita told me the midwives said she was so calm ’96 they couldn’t believe she was in active labour when she arrived . Nikita and Mike were offered a raft of interventions to monitor and speed up their labour ’96 and, at times, where put under considerable pressure to accept them. Knowing that these interventions often have unwanted consequences to labour and birth, they used the decision making tools I give out to safely decide what they wanted and what they didn’t want. Mike ’96 in one of his crucial roles as birth partner ’96 spoke up for Nikita to back her in her decision making. What a man! She felt safe knowing he was her rock and that he knew how to assert her birth choices. “The birth was amazing. We did have a blip but got things back on track. I used everything I learnt with you to have a straightforward birth. My body completely took over like how you said it would. I knew it was normal and what to expect, so I let it! The midwives cheered when I gave birth!” Nikita was strong and determined; with Mike calmly by her side throughout keeping her focused and calm. You two were an incredible team and should be unbelievably proud of yourselves. You gave beautiful baby Charlotte a safe, calm and natural birth. Welcome to the world Charlotte Olivia James, born on 27th July and weighing 8lb 6oz.

On Facebook Nikita wrote: "I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is pregnant! She is an asset to have and a fountain of knowledge. She makes sure you have all the facts which I feel is so essential.Even though my labour had a blip it went back on track and I was able to deliver my beautiful daughter safely and calmly. Thank you so much for everything Rachel, words can’t describe what it means to take something that someone is afraid of and educate them so that the fear is no longer there".

And Mike wrote: "We’d very much like to endorse Rachel as so much more than a hypnobirthing teacher! She is an incredible lady with a wealth of knowledge, a huge heart and dare we say, a new friend!We can’t thank her enough for everything that she has done for us in making the experience of introducing our new baby girl into the world the best that it could ever be.If you’re thinking of booking, ignore the name (hypnobirthing), think of it as being prepared beyond belief."

Thank you guys!!!

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