“It was amazing! I’d do it all again tomorrow” – Laura and Dan’s Experiences

Laura and Dan welcomed their gorgeous baby James recently into the world.

Here’s some of the things Laura told me about their labour and birth experience:

“I chose to be induced at because we were told baby wasn’t growing as well. We chatted to Rachel about our options and felt Induction was the best choice for us”.

“I had the pessary first to start things off and got to 4cm. The surges then stopped so I made the most of the rest and had a great nights’ sleep”.

“Dan and I had to assert ourselves a few times ’96 people opening the curtains, or not giving us privacy. We explained we were hypnobirthing and these things were important”.

“Thank goodness our midwife (who was there for the birth) was fully on board with what we were wanting. She broke my waters and then I had the hormone drip put up later on”.

“The surges intensified and so we used the Labour Comfort ladder from the course to stay as comfortable as I needed during each stage”.

“We also used the ‘How to Hypnobirth Your Induction’ crib sheet that you gave us on our hypnobirthing course so we could get as much as we could from our Birth Plan”.

“I stayed upright and mobile, kept the lights down low, put my music on”.

“At one point, a doctor came in and said I might need a ventouse [assisted] birth as James’ heartrate was dropping’85I got myself focused and I said “I CAN DO THIS!” and I did.

“James was born with no assistance. No tearing for me either!”

“It was a really good birthing experience”.

Welcome to the World James Lowe , born on 29th June and weighing 7lb 1oz.

Have a wonderful and happy life together,

Love Rachel xxx

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