“I have never felt so strong and confident than giving birth this time round!”

Yesterday, my boy Sam went came to work with me for the first time! And we met new baby Sofia and mum Frankie to hear all about their birth experience.

Oh’85it was amazing to hear Frankie’s incredible birth experience!

Frankie told me that:

– She started having surges [contractions] really quickly; coming about every 5 minutes. She felt really calm and wasn’t sure if it was labour or not. So she carried on watching tv alongside her hubby (who was blissfully unaware that things were starting!)

– The surges got stronger again so Frankie mentioned to husband Rob that she thought she was in labour!

– Their daughter Isabelle was in bed, so they sorted out their childcare and headed to the hospital.

– Frankie was told she was 3-4cm soon after arriving and felt a bit disappointed at first ’96 thinking she might have been further along than this and that she still had a long way to go. But she remembered what she had learnt with me on her hypnobirthing course about labour progress, and got herself focused and determined.

– The pool was starting to be filled, but there was no time to get in as baby’s head was waiting to be born!

– Baby was born quickly and calmly on dry land, with Frankie kneeling over a birthing ball using gas and air and a TENS!

Her first surge was at 8pm and baby was born at 11.59pm!!!

Frankie told me: “It was so empowering! I felt like a superhero! I was on a real high after giving birth and have NEVER been so proud of myself. It was totally amazing. Rob and my mum were amazing ’96 so supportive and never left my side. I will never forget how strong and confident I felt giving birth. Thank you Rachel for showing me it could be different to what I experienced first time round. Hypnobirthing was so eye opening and should be mandatory”.

What an incredible experience! So so so happy and proud of you all.

Welcome to the world Sofia Twist. Born on 16.9.19 and weighing 6lb 10oz.

Love Rachel xxx

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